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Smugglers use all of the means at their disposal to avoid paying the dues required by law to legally clear products and while they’re often able to get away with it for quite some time, eventually they do get caught. That’s what happened to a group of smugglers in China that used drones to smuggle almost $80 million worth of iPhones from Hong Kong to China’s technology hub of Shenzhen. Customs officers in Shenzhen busted the group earlier this week.
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Amid reports that Uber was thinking about leaving the Southeast Asia region, the company confirmed a few days ago that it’s going to sell its entire business in Southeast Asia to local rival Grab. The deal makes Grab the dominant ride-hailing service in the market and regulators in Singapore have some concerns. They say that Grab’s acquisition of Uber’s business in the region may be against competition laws.
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Samsung is believed to have several mid-range devices in the pipeline this year and the Galaxy A6 is said to be one of them. The Galaxy A6 and the Galaxy A6+ have already been spotted on multiple benchmark and certification websites recently which is enough circumstantial evidence to suggest that a launch is impending. The two handsets have now made their customary stop at the Federal Communications Commission which is another big indication that they’re going to be launched in the not too distant future.
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The unfortunate fatal crash involving an Uber self-driving car has reignited interest in the conversation related to the overall safety and security of cars that are capable of driving themselves. NVIDIA is one of the companies that provides tech for Uber’s self-driving project and the company has decided to set the record straight on the elements of its technology that are used by Uber in the wake of the fatal crash.
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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG continues to be tweaked as PUBG Corp competes against Fortnite to maintain its lead in the battle royal space. There had been reports that the developer was going to launch a smaller map called Codename: Savage. The map measures in at 4×4 km which is roughly one-quarter of the size of PUBG’s other two maps called Erangel and Miramar. It has now been confirmed by the developer that Codename: Savage will enter testing next week.
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Samsung introduced an Always On Display for its flagship smartphones with the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge over two years ago. It has gradually improved the feature over this period by tweaking it to make it more useful. It has been easy for the company to do this because Always On Display exists as a separate app so Samsung doesn’t have to push out updates for it with a system update, it can just roll out an app update. That’s precisely what it has done earlier this week to bring GIF support to the Always On Display.
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Android Go is an iteration of Google’s mobile operating system that the company announced last year. It’s meant for low-end devices with specs that leave a lot to be desired. However, the OS and accompanying apps are lightweight enough to provide a good user experience on such devices. It was confirmed a couple of months ago that ZTE will be the first to bring an Android Go smartphone to the United States and the company’s Tempo Go handset is now available for purchase in the country.
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Launched earlier this year, ARCore is Google’s augmented reality platform that enables developers to build AR apps. It uses three key technologies to place AR objects in the real world using the phone’s camera which include motion tracking, light estimation, and environmental understanding. ARCore already supported a handful of Nougat-powered devices at launch such as Google’s Pixel smartphones and the Galaxy S8 lineup however the company is yet to confirm if it will add support to Chrome OS. New evidence has surfaced which suggested that the Chrome OS ARCore support might arrive in the future.
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Uber has decided to shut down its on-demand package delivery service called UberRush. The service was launched back in 2014 in Manhattan and it allowed users to get someone to pick up and deliver their package. The service was later expanded to San Francisco and Chicago but UberRush never made it beyond these markets. The company then decided in April last year that restaurants wouldn’t be able to use the service anymore and would need to switch to UberEats instead for delivery. The company has now confirmed in a statement that it has decided to shut down UberRush. UberRush.
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Tesla has recalled a significant number of Model S vehicles globally due to a faulty steering issue. The company has informed customers in an email that this is a proactive, voluntary recall and that none of its other cars are affected by this issue. Tesla has recalled 123,000 Model S vehicle manufactured before April 2016.
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