Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant has largely been limited to the company’s own hardware. Recently though, it has partnered with other OEMs to integrate Alexa into their products. Soon Alexa will be available on any and all Android smartphones. Amazon is integrating Alexa into its main app for Android.
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There are countless games available for our mobile devices but only a few have been able to propel themselves into the international limelight. Words With Friends is one such game. Developed by Zynga, this puzzle game has been immensely popular ever since it came out. The developer will now be taking it beyond the mobile phone. It has teamed up with MGM Television to develop a primetime TV show for Words with Friends.
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Atari is popular for its classic home gaming consoles but the company is now venturing into the world of wearable devices. Its first wearable device isn’t a band, activity tracker or smartwatch. It’s a hat. It’s a hat with speakers to be precise and Atari is calling it the Speakerhat. Full marks for the imaginative naming, I guess.
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There are countless destinations in this world that you can explore with Google Street View, but what about destinations outside this globe of ours? Google Street View now makes it possible to take a tour of the International Space Station from the comfort of our sofas. This is the first time that Street View is covering a destination in space and it’s a glorious one.
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Fidget spinners have caught the world by storm recently. These contraptions made out of ball bearings are being marketed as the perfect tool to use if you feel anxious and just want to keep your fingers busy so that you don’t fidget with yourself too much. On the face of it, these spinners are harmless products that people will eventually end up forgetting about once the novelty runs out. That’s not what Russia thinks, though, it thinks that the spinners will “zombify” the youth. No wonder it’s launching an investigation into the matter.
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NASA wants to make it easier for people researching into its discoveries and achievements to find what they’re looking for. To that end, the agency has now announced that it’s releasing hundreds of videos containing important historical footage on YouTube. This footage spans several decades and shows just how things have advanced at the space agency.
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SpaceX has long been planning to land its Dragon capsules on the Red Planet. The company said earlier this year that its previous objective of landing the capsule on Mars by 2018 was ambitious so it pushed the timeline to 2020. However, it seems that SpaceX won’t be doing that anymore. The company’s founder Elon Musk has said that the Red Dragon project has been completed and that the existing capsule won’t be used for propulsive landings on Mars.
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If you like to get your news from unconventional platforms then you’re going to like what NBC News has just launched. The news network has announced the launch of a news show for Snapchat. The headline news show is called “Stay Tuned” and it will be refreshed twice a day on Snapchat. The idea here is to connect the younger generation that’s not necessarily used to getting their news from conventional mediums like TV and newspapers.
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Earlier this year, the Department of Homeland Security announced a ban that came to be known commonly as the laptop ban. It banned passengers flying to the United States from certain countries in the Middle East and via certain Middle Eastern airlines from carrying any electronic device larger than a smartphone into the cabin. This meant that passengers couldn’t even use their laptops during the flight, which as you might imagine, wasn’t ideal for business travelers. The DHS has now announced that the laptop ban announced in March has been completely removed.
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Samsung wants to redesign its QLED TV stand and it has teamed up with popular design magazine Dezeen to launch a competition that is free to enter for all professional designers, non-designers, students and teams. It’s also going to accept entries from individuals and teams of designers.
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