Building on the design of the 2016 HP Spectre X360 15 laptop, HP has pushed this model further with the addition of the latest Intel processors, a discrete graphics chip, a larger battery capacity and many more features. At the same time, this computer retains and improves upon the excellent industrial design that made its predecessor popular. Add to this a relatively aggressive pricing, and you have a 15.6” laptop computer worth considering. The new HP Spectre X360 15 2017 was announced at CES 2017 (model 15-bl002xx), and here’s our review. Read full post →HP Spectre X360 15 Review (2017)

Just because you speak English it doesn’t mean that your English sounds the same compared to the person standing next to you. This is because there are variances like the timbre in your voice, your upbringing, your gender, and of course things like race and heritage play a part in the way you sound. Read full post →Google Assistant Beats Out The Competition In Understanding Accents

If you love fighting games, there will be some options that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, such as Arms and Super Smash Bros. However if those games are a little too cute for your tastes and you wanted something more “serious”, then Capcom’s Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers might be worth looking forward to. Read full post →Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Trailer Released

When it comes to external battery packs, we guess one of the main things users look for would be the battery size, and we guess in some cases whether it can support fast charging and if you can plug in more than one cable at a time. However if you wanted a battery pack that was also a little more functional, Samsung might have you covered. Read full post →Samsung’s Battery Pack Kettle Sports A Pretty Clever Design

With virtual reality (VR) technology being relatively new and slowly gaining momentum, we guess there is still quite a lot of things that developers have yet to figure out, such as what is the best way to design an app for VR and how can it deliver the best experience? The good news for developers is that Google is here to help. Read full post →Google’s Daydream Elements Highlights Best VR Practices

Apple’s iPad Pros were rumored to undergo a refresh earlier this year, but clearly that did not happen. However recent rumors have suggested that the refresh could take place in June where it could debut alongside the rumored Siri speaker (Apple’s answer to Amazon’s Echo and the Google Home). Read full post →Report Claims 10.5-inch iPad Pro Production Is Ramping Up For June

Yesterday the folks at Bungie announced Destiny 2, the sequel to Destiny that was released several years ago. One of the more exciting parts of the announcement was the fact that the game would be launched on the PC (and exclusively available via Blizzard’s platform). Read full post →Destiny 2 For The PC Will Only Be Released After The Console Launch

When Destiny 2 for the PC was announced, what was interesting about the announcement is that the game would not be sold through platforms such as Steam, but rather it will be made available through Blizzard’s platform. This is a first for Blizzard as has pretty much been home to Blizzard’s first-party titles. Read full post →Destiny 2 Will Be The Only Third-Party Game Blizzard Will Support

The idea of T-Mobile and Sprint merging has been tossed around before several years ago, but nothing came to fruition. However in recent times, the possibility of SoftBank snapping up T-Mobile has surfaced again and to add fuel to the fire, T-Mobile’s CFO Braxton Carter is saying that such a deal makes logical sense. Read full post →T-Mobile’s CFO Says Deal With Sprint Makes Logical Sense

If custom themes are something you want on Android, there are apps out there that can theme your phone for you, although more extensive themes with system tweaks might require a rooted device. However it seems that Google is finally about to introduce custom themes to Android, making it easier for users to switch around. Read full post →Android O Could Be Getting Support For Custom Themes